NYC's Best Ice Cream Shops

The Zagat Review

With both the "old standbys" ("incredible" cookies and cream) and more "interesting" scoops, these parlors "nail it", offering "creamy" housemade ice cream that's a "perfect balance of sweetness and strong flavor"; the simple setups include minimal seating, but Brooklyn has a few outdoor tables.



"Owner David Yoo is the man behind the frosty magic at this East Village shop outfitted with a colorful, beckoning sign that's a nod to its creator's former life as a graphic designer. Davey's Ice Cream is made on-site from raw ingredients, and each batch requires a four-day-long production schedule. There's the much-buzzed-about strong coffee, and deep, dark double chocolate, as well as a gonzo brunch flavor with brioche french toast pieces, cinnamon-maple syrup, and coffee-glazed bacon all folded into a sweet-cream base. But by far our favorite thing about Davey's are the local collaborations with other neighborhood businesses, which have yielded scoops filled with cinnamon and chocolate babka from East Village legend Moishe's Bake Shop, as well as a Marcona almond flavor in partnership with Jonah Miller's Basque restaurant Huertas."